Barcelona Daze...

Summer 2018 | June - July 2018

Barcelona, Spain

As you may have seen or known, I was in Barcelona for two months this summer and now I’m back. It took me a while to go through the photos (mostly because I’ve been lazy about it), bu now they’re here.

I stayed in L’Eixample district on Carrer de Provença. It was about two minutes away from La Sagrada Familia and the view was beautiful. It was also very touristy and American-like. What do I mean you ask? All in one square were a KFC, Burger King and an Incoming Five Guys could be found). Anyway the experience was great and I made some wonderful memories with people an by myself.

Anyway, these are some of my favorite photos of some of the cooler photos that I took and wanted to share. Some of them are on my Bucket List for Spain and some of them aren’t. But, these are definitely places that I recommend you should you ever visit Barcelona.

Follow this link for a detailed account of the Best of Barcelona!

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